Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Now We Are Six

A little Winnie the Pooh reference there. We are now six indeed. Time finds us at this moment, in fact, a week after August 13th when our little real ale pub up in the woods crossed the line into its seventh year. I was too busy wrangling mountain bikers (who drank almost all our beer this last weekend during Mountain Bike Oregon), a brewery and paperwork to write anything about it at the time. Exhausting work this. I wonder if Pooh is old enough to hoist a pint.

Hard to believe isn't it? I feel like I've aged ten years during that six. Unless someone wants to buy a pub so I can retire in my 50's, I guess I'll give it a go for another six. Meanwhile, we better get cracking on producing some beer. It's embarrassing to be down to three handpulls.