Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Short Blog Entry Concerning Excessive Monetary Extraction

It is not the purpose of this blog to furnish negative commentary on fellow breweries/brewpubs, but two separate conversations delivered over the bar yesterday were still in my slowly decaying cortex even this morning.

It seems that a certain brewery establishment in Newport is charging $6.75 (!) for a pint, which may or may not even contain 16 oz. depending on which piece of glassware was apprehended for the job. In case you missed that, that's six dollars and seventy five cents (another !). Anyone have a problem with that?

And, a limp fragment of trucked-in fish the size of a McDonalds hash brown freed up $13 worth of space in the patron's wallet. Why?


Unknown said...

One of several reasons that I just don't do Rogue ales. It's ridiculous that you pay more for their beer at their pub than you would anywhere else. And don't get me started on the food.

Unknown said...

My sums makes that the equivalent of £5.95 for a 20oz pint. Most people, including me, would say that was excessive by almost any standards.

The problem is, there are pubs over here and beers over here that if available together would justify that sort of money. Thinking about it many of our Belgian bottled beers are probably that sort of price if calculated per pint.

Trucked in fish at $13 a go? That might depend upon what the fish was and how it was prepared and served. And if it really was "trucked in". I know there are places here that charge above standard prices and come in for criticism because a proportion of customers don't understand the establishment or the food they do.

Is the said beer, fish and pub worth it? I don't know, perhaps I'll have to come across on another research trip.

Brewers Union Local 180 said...

The brewery in question does product good beer. But it's really $4/pint (16 oz.) beer, not some nice Belgian, hopmonster or barleywine that would justify a higher price. In fact, I could go over to Sam Bonds Garage and get the same beer for $4.

Oh - just noticed that the name of the brewery appeared in the first comment. Easy to figure out, I suppose, since I did mention Newport.

As for the morsel of fish, the person who related the story works in a food establishment in Eugene, and is someone I would trust to give an objective assessment of the product and its presentation.

And it's my turn for a research trip.

Unknown said...

"And it's my turn for a research trip." Now look, you've got a head start, I need to catch up.

Dave A said...

rumor I have heard is that the cost you relay is dropped to regular pricing if you sign the petition against the new beer "tax" they are trying to get through. Now that's the way it has been working in a Eugene establishment that may or may not be afiliated with the same company in Newport. I have also heard that the food has declined due to changing of suppliers. But this is just rumors from qualified rumor givers.

Brewers Union Local 180 said...

So what you're saying is that they are playing a little game with Punter Bob. It regales aforementioned fictitious character with a before-the-fact experience of what it might be like if the beer tax passed. Rubbish! That's just poo-poo, and you can quote me on that.