Thursday, July 9, 2009

"I don't want anything hoppy."

As much as I like the occasional hoppy pint, it's really nice to hear customers looking for something different. I had several customers in here tonight choosing either the mild or the bitter I had on the pumps for the simple reasons that a) they wanted something light in alcohol, b) not a little of bittering or hop aroma, and c) the temperature and mouthfeel of real ale.

On the other hand, the keg of the Eel River IPA from Northern California (ABV 7.0%) is very nice and has been selling briskly. I've been quite delighted with it, as the brewer has chosen to provide more of a malty characteristic to (here's that word again) balance out the bittering and aroma. Depending on how late I'm here tonight, I might just pour myself a (gasp) half to close out the evening, but I'm still tugging away on a bitter at the moment while I catch up on my bookkeeping.


Jay said...

Your place sounds like my kind of bar!

Unknown said...

Ballance, you see, that's what's needed in a good beer. I like complex as well.

Would that be an 8oz half pint, or a proper 10oz one?

Brewers Union Local 180 said...

Proper, of course. You should know that.

Anonymous said...

Hey, outstanding place you have! I was there on the 9th staying in town during a week long bike trip through Oregon and Oakridge was recommended to us in Bend, so we headed your way. Once in town we went to find a burger and beer and found your place and loved it. After the ride (Alpine), we came back for dinner and more brews. Great spot, your 10 months of work on the building paid off nicely.

-Nate from Anacortes WA.