Thursday, August 13, 2009

Warm Beer

Just back in time for the first pub superannuation after four days of just plain not being here. While not working the bar until this evening, I did personally perform the quality control job of sampling the cylinder of each of the pumps before opening to remind myself how nice it is to have a well-kept cask ale.

However, spankings are in order for the Fish Brewing Company in Olympia, which serves their single cask offering at room temperature. The poor waitress, when queried on the matter, said she was "told to serve it that way". Humph. Some ales can be just fine right up to ambient, but not their hoppy IPA. How could such a well-established and obviously cash-rich brewery give either the appearance of not knowing better, or simply not caring? It certainly would put many off real ale, and I suppose contributes to the notion that I often hear that real ale is warm and flat.

Pelican, another biggie in the industry, does the same. Their cask sits behind the bar and is gravity dispensed. At the end of the day, when I was there, the ale had sought out the ambient as well. If they were to take it seriously, and they certainly have the money to do so, then they could easily build a small cellar under or behind the bar. They get a Humph as well.

Pike in Seattle gets an A and will avoid a Humph for the time being.

In the Proper Real Keg department, the Lompoc Strong Draft on nitro at the Hedge House in Portland was superb. Perfect temperature, perfect mouthfeel, and a nice malty body with a hint of smoke. Recommended as the ideal pint to dry off soaked motorcycle gear by.


Whorst said...

I love certain beers on nitro. They can be fabulous. One that comes to mind is Drakes 1500 Pale Ale. What a gem!

Brewers Union Local 180 said...

Oh, no. I haven't had that one. And I wouldn't even attempt to drink a beer until I know what color it is and have seen the video review.

Forgive me - I've just cleaned up 5 gallons of improperly dispensed hot fryer oil off the kitchen floor. My temporary humor impairment is being mitigated by a pint of simulated nitro special bitter pulled from some antiquated bar implement.

Unknown said...

Is that 5 US gallons, or proper ones?

Either way, doesn't sound nice. Sense of humour failure acceptable under the circumstances.