Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Cask Swap

The Block15 brewpub in Corvallis is now serving real ale. Rapidly, it seems, as I received an email from them last week that they were about to run out, and as I brew the stuff, I was asked if I could spare a firkin or five.

Yesterday I loaded up the battered old Jeep and brought them four casks. It was nice the see the setup in the cellar, and have a draw of a lovely brown ale. Probably today or tomorrow there will be a Brewers Union cask pulling through the Angram. Soon I expect to receive some Block15 real ale for the first ever guest casks at the pub.


Christi said...

ooooh! That's the place with the incredibly yummy Belgian holiday brew we had, isn't it? So cool!

Unknown said...

Is that Jeep still working? I was hoping to come over there sometime and see if I could drive it into a ditch again.

Brewers Union Local 180 said...

254,000 miles. Overdrive doesn't work, and you can't open the front passenger door from the outside, but it still gets me around.

I was about 8 car lengths behind you, and as witness to the ditch event I remain certain that the vehicle left the road on its own volition.

Block 15 said...

"Frost on a Bumpkin" was the first tapped, almost gone in less than 24hours! Thanks for the great real ale Ted!