Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Innovations in Cask Technology

That word "innovation", just like "sustainable" and "craft", get well overused in this business, but I think we're on to something here. Introducing the Pumpkin Cask.

Just hollow the gourd out, and after carefully hand-drilling in a bung hole and gently fitting a gravity tap, fill it with strong ale and put it on the bar. It was Halloween night party time after all. We had a little trouble with the gravity tap, as it has a hop filter inside that quickly got clogged up with orange bits, but had good luck with one of the Cask Doctor taps we use in the cellar.

Our 7.6% "Oh, The Humanities!" Strong Ale had sufficient oomph to drown out some of the funkiness that seeps from the walls of a pumpkin. After about an hour in the cask, though, it got weird. We did manage to sell a little of it to the adventuresome risk-takers, and I had at least two pints before the night was out.

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