Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Kegged Dew

When the last batch of Union Dew, our Sorachi Ace hopped IPA, was casked up a couple of months ago, there was a wee bit left in the fermenter. It was decided that this might do (dew) just fine racked off into a corny keg and gassed up like a proper real kegged ale. It's now on the bar, pushed with a fine batch of West Coast extraneous CO2 and served cold.

It ain't the same, say the few locals who have been taking samples. I find that many of the interesting flavors have been subdued (subdewed) by the temperature and the busy bubbles. All-in-all, a valuable lesson in beer physics.

It's nice to hear the folks eager for the cask version, which should be back in the pumps in a week and a half.


Unknown said...

I'm trying hard to ignore the undew attempts at humour here...

It's horses for courses. Some beers work well in keg, some don't. Some might be better in keg than not at all and some are only fantastic when served from cask.

Brewers Union Local 180 said...

I need to add here that the Corny keg containing the prodigal remnants of Dew seemed to have been just adequately on the leaky side to have drained an entire 50 lb. tank of West Coast CO2. The $60 cost of the tank's contents easily offset any profits that might've been realized by the lovely beverage on exhibit.

Lesson's were learnt, though, and that's what's important. Right?