Monday, September 14, 2009

American Mild

I don't get out much these days, as has been readily observed by my nervous tick and slumped shoulders, but am down in Eugene to run errands. Most importantly, one of the antique steamer windows that serves as doors to the keg beer coolor broke the other day is getting replaced with lexan. Also, food and bar stock is being acquired, including another box of pens for the bar that seem to disappear at the rate of one a day. As a reward for driving the around the Big City, I get to sit at the High Street Cafe and have a pint or two while handling all the computer-related work that comes with the job. I am pleased that the new brewer here, Chris, is turning out some refreshing quality and variety. Other than my place, this is the first time in a coon's age that I've been able to enjoy a mild. It is billed as an American Mild, which maybe means that it is brewed with domestic pale malts and served at 35˚ an a 16 oz. shaker glass. Nice on the palette. I wish it could've been on the one beer engine instead of the Wheat.


Unknown said...

Mild? In Oregon? You'll all start using BlackBerries next.

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Brewers Union Local 180 said...

I got talk to Chris after making the post. He called it an American Mild because he didn't use all English ingredients. I hope it conforms exactly to one of the Brewers Association 2009 Beer Style Guidelines approved styles, very much like my beers don't.

I also found out that High Street is the only McMenamins establishment that has a beer engine. Chris has been making some changes behind the scenes to make his cask ales more true to form.

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