Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Out of Hibernation

hi·a·tus [hahy-ey-tuhs]
noun, plural hi·a·tus·es, hi·a·tus.
1. a break or interruption in the continuity of a work, series, action, etc.

It's a little hard for me to understand, but I've had as many as three people say that they miss my blog and wish I would get back at it. Alrighty then. You asked for it. The hiatus is over.

Eugene Beer Week kicks off this week. We're not in Eugene, but we're accepted as part of the community. Even the new Eugene Ale Trail that Travel Lane County kicked off last night at 16 Tons Cafe has us listed as a bonus destination. I brought down some beer and we had a good time.

I hadn't done a cask remotely in a while, so I had to remind myself of all the things that are required for serving real ale outside the safe confines of the pub. Having all the tools and taps and sundries, including ice quilts and jackets, is part of the job. I ordered a set of new quilts from UK Brewing Supplies a couple weeks in advance and prepped them up.

Keeping the temperature within the proper range is the trickiest bit. The quilts help but are not perfect. If only every pub had a cellar. The last time I sent out a cask was back in November at the Horse Brass Pub in Portland. The covered alley between the pub and offices was the perfect temperature back then, and we just stored the firkin overnight out there. I wish it could have been served from the same location.

I'll be back down again with another cask at the Tap & Growler on Friday. Of course this requires coming down Thursday to set up, but that also dictates that I have to go to the DeFazio/Papazian event and participate in some heavy schmoozing. I'll manage.

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