Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Bad Beer? A Very Important Question

A recent blog I was reading by some guy who has a rural inn in Cumbria reminded me of a question, or rather a statement, that has been periodically and emphatically uttered by one of the prominent local beer enthusiasts.

Here is is --> "There is no such thing as bad beer".

By application of the laws of reason, this may be restated as "all beer is good."

I can't go there. Is there no room for objectivity when it comes to beer? I would hope so. If I were to throw 1 Kg of Maris Otter into 2 BBL of boiling water, ferment it out, and serve it to ANYBODY, I believe it would be a non-starter. So what if one guy out of 8 billion were to like it, it is still objectively a really, really bad pint. Now I'm not talking about a beer that has soured or otherwise wandered off the straight and narrow, but one that was intentionally deivered into this world by brewers that supposedly have pulses and want to keep their jobs.

I haven't tried the new Budweiser American Pale yet, and I suppose to be fair I should, but I can't help but think it is going to be a bad beer, to the distant cries of objection to my blatant a priori.

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