Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Muscles Flexed at the Firkin Fest

It's big beers again; I have to admit to being a little disappointed. Not that the beers listed aren't going to be any good - I'm sure they will be spectacular mostly - but whatever happened to subtlety in this country? What I'm talking about is the Oregon Brewers Guild Firkin Fest 2009 in Portland next weekend. It was nice that I was asked to participate, since this is what I do - authentic British cask-conditioned real ale, liberated naturally from 9 UK gallon firkins.

Check out the list. It's all typical big muscle stuff that we've come to expect from the Pacific Northwest, and this comes across to this ale snob as out of balance. Let's be different, but not just for difference's sake but for the sake of authenticity and variety. Not only are we the only participants with ABV's below 5%, but we get to bring two (!) casks. Other differences that I hope will become apparent to the punters is that the owner and brewer is serving (instead of volunteers), and that beer engines with <gasp> sparklers will be employed. This will be a lot of fun. I haven't had a day off since the 19th of January, so I'm due for a little breather away from the daily spectacle.

But, alas, subtlety. Sigh. I had hopes for a nice pint of a dark mild, or a fruity bitter, or a simple porter that doesn't have to posture about with a mocha-laden 5.2% ABV. I think I'm due for a trip back to England - anyone want to run the pub for a few weeks?


Dave A said...

Yeah, it is pretty evident that people are looking to get the most bang outta their beer rather than the most taste. A couple comments at the last brew fest was just that. "It's my Saturday night, I'm not wasting it with a 5% beer!" Yeah, give me that high percentage cold fizzy stuff instead!

Let me know if you need help anywhere Ted, you know I am always game.

Unknown said...

Cripes, and there's people in this country would give their right arm for some cold fizzy strong hop bomb from your parts. Even me occasionally. So WHEN you do come over Ted, bring me some, PLEASE.

Aaron J. Grier said...

I was disappointed that there weren't more beers like yours at the cask fest. there were plenty of good beers to be sure, but yours were the only ones I wanted another pint of.

now I know exactly what to do with my boots pressure barrel.